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Do IT consultants need professional liability insurance coverage?


As an IT Consultant, you’re responsible for many things. This includes helping your client select the right software and equipment to setting up secure digital systems. But are you responsible if something goes awry with those implementations and the day-to-day management of clients’ digital needs? That’s where IT consultant professional liability insurance comes in. 

In the majority of cases, you are in fact responsible. IT consultants can be held responsible for more than just system failures. They could also be held liable for simply not meeting expectations. That’s right, your client has the right to sue even if you previously reviewed a scope of work document and they signed a contract regarding deliverables. And while they might not win the case, you’ll still lose time and money defending your business. 

In this type of high stakes environment, it’s important to have security. Insurance policies are the best way to ensure IT consultants. You’ll want to not only obtain professional liability coverage for things like legal fees from dissatisfied clients, but also general liability coverage for risks like theft of equipment and possible injury during installation of systems. But that’s not all there is…

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