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Diesel World’s Event-Packed Year: What to Expect in 2023


Already, this year is busy. I, we, always try to fill our year, we’re always trying to go bigger and better each year. In the past two years, I began to organize more of my own events. Covid660 was the first event. It was the first official drag race after Covid lockdown (the first one…). As I headed to Indianapolis, I expected to be arrested or have a long discussion with the police at Wagler Motorsports Park.

Now I’m not a complete rebel, we tried to do things by the books, the thing was, there were no rules at the time. I mean they existed, but they didn’t have any real definitions yet, as is the case with unprecedented situations. In the end, we managed to pull off a race without anyone going to jail. The Event Streaming campaign was born out of this. In 2020, I think we streamed four or five times. Three at Wagler’s, one with Edge Products at their event Weekend on The Edge, and I’m sure there’s one or two more I’m forgetting. Then, streaming was the latest thing. So, speaking of what we have going on this year, 13-streams, one hosted event of our own, several factory tours (one big one with Shell Oil, that’ll be interesting), plus a new Readers Rides competition each month, all on top of everything else you’ve come to expect from Diesel World. So, there’s what to expect from us this year, now here’s what we’ve got for you this issue:

Tech wise, Jacob White continues with the restoration of his 2000 F250, this time working on some tuning from Edge Products in the form of a 6-possition “Revolver” allowing for 6-different tunes, all switchable whenever the need arises. He’s also doing some work in the bed with a tonneau from Bestop.

Mike McGlothlin’s article on how diesel vehicles will survive the advent of electric cars is the main story for this month. That’s an article worthy of an award in my mind. There’s a lot of good information in that article, which I know took weeks to research. Mike has also created a very informative piece about how sled track pulls are made. There’s a lot more to it than you’d think.

Mr Vintage (I hope he doesn’t hate me for saying that, I do respect the knowledge), Jim Allen has put together a couple great history pieces as always whit Tractor Talk and Vintage Smoke. Enjoy seeing how things were done back in the day.

And last but definitely not least, Chris Tobin spent some time at Beans Diesel’s event, Blackout in the Country. Its an event I’ve wanted to go to for years, almost did last year but as I got to Nashville a hurricane cancled the event. BOITC has a lot of action all day long. Be sure to check out Chris’ coverage this month.

Have a great month, get out to some events and maybe we’ll see you there.

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