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Did you see NESN’s ‘psychedelic’ Bruins game feed? Sports network had an issue with their tech platform


No, it wasn’t just your TV going crazy, and you weren’t suddenly tripping on LSD.

Bruins fans, who pay more than $300 a season to watch the team on NESN, were confused by what was happening during the game.

The Bruins live feed Monday displayed more players than actually were on the ice. Also, the upper-left scoreboard was multiplied to the point that another scoreboard floated across the screen. Other issues reported by viewers included sound problems, half their TV turning green, and shadows and lines all over their screen.

Some people wondered if their TV was going crazy during the second period of the New Jersey Devils game.

“Anyone else getting the psychedelic NESN Bruins broadcast right now?” posted Jon Wallach of 98.5 The Sports Hub, which is what some fans turned on to hear the game because of the broadcast issues.

“This can’t be only happening to me, right? What is the heck going on @NESN? Is my TV infected?!” wrote Nick Cattles of The Nick Cattles Show.

“Today’s Bruins broadcast has officially entered the Thunderdome,” posted WBZ CBS Boston’s Michael Hurley.

“I’m sorry but that has GOTTA be too many men on the dang ice,” Hurley added.

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