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Wisconsin Governor Applauded For Unilaterally Altering Laws for 400 Years


One of the greatest contradictions in politics today are those who declare themselves “pro-democracy” while seeking to gerrymander election districts, support FBI crackdowns on speech, attack reporters and whistleblowers, and defend censorship. One of the most vocal in expressing his pride in “being pro-democracy” is Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers just used his partial veto to negate the legislative authority of his state.

Evers received a bill which increased funding for 2024-25. Using his partial veto authority, Evers crossed out the “20” and the hyphen. He changed the law so that K-12 schools could increase their revenue per pupil by $325 annually until 2425. It was never intended nor contemplated by the Republican-controlled legislature.

No one can seriously argue that this was a deliberate use of the partial-veto authority. After previous governors used the partial-veto to create words in legislation, this was prohibited in 2008. Evers, however, is doing the exact same thing. He has eliminated punctuation and digits to create new numbers.

Evers has a history of manipulating laws. She issued 51 partial-vetos including three that were overturned in court by the Supreme Court.


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