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Deep Fried Delicious: New foods at the State Fair of 2023


RALEIGH — A whopping 48 new food and drink experiences will be available at the 2023 North Carolina State Fair.

Media outlets were invited to sample some of the new foods at the N.C. Fairgrounds’ Dorton Arena. Steve Troxler from the N.C. Fairgrounds’ Dorton Arena was in attendance at the event. Troxler spoke of the efforts made by farmers to produce the fair foods and also praised those who run the fair.

North State Journal gave an early look at around 30 of these tasty morsels. Here are some of the best picks.

A number of the items this year have a dill pickle theme, including dill pickled flavored deep-fried cheese curds from the Cheese Curd Shack and The Dill Pickle donut from Fluffly’s Hand-Cut Donuts, which was a bit of a surprise.

The first images of the dill donut circulated may give the impression that it is a sweet-sour treat. However, the sample had a savory taste with a dill chip tucked into a dill flecked cream cheese spread. It was surprisingly satisfying.

The Colossal Shrimp skewers are, in this reporter’s opinion, the best in show for this year’s new fair foods. Oak City Fish and Chips offers…

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