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Debunking Jack Smith’s Latest Indictment Against President Trump


When the Supreme Court denied the State of Texas’s lawsuit in December of 2020 to challenge the integrity of that year’s general election for lack of Article III standing, there already existed an overwhelming trove of evidence of procedural abnormalities and statistical anomalies that pointed to fundamental questions about the legitimacy of the election. Well over 155 million votes were allegedly cast in that year’s cycle—the most of any vote total in presidential history, surpassing 2016’s previous record-setting high by a whopping 28 million votes. The 2020 election saw the highest percentage in American history of votes cast via mail or absentee vote. It was also the first time that election day voting was a minority among all methods.

Even if there was absolutely no evidence of election fraud, the fact that more votes were cast than in any other election in American history—the majority of the ballots having been cast prior to the official election day by mail, a method of voting historically recognized as being rife with…

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