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Dear Mom, I was thinking about you last week.hot. You must’ve visited earlier without Dad that particular year. I still remember my high-heeled shoes I wore at that time. The sandals were made of linen and striped with red, orange and coral. They’re not my usual style but I knew you’d like them.

What do you think about our tradition of jotting down all the mistakes we made in the previous year to start letting them go? I don’t recall any discussion about it. You never had any regrets. You are the life of the party. But introspective? This is not the word that I would use. 

Even so, you still loved the music. You used to play the Avinu malkeinu melodies on the piano during this season. You still play that. And Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, I still can’t listen to it without being close to tears. 

This year your grandson is playing double bass in the high holiday service. If you were there, you’d kvell. Yesterday was 8th Grade Picture Day. If it was cold, he said, he wanted to wear one Papa’s sweaters vests and a Papa’s tie in his photograph this year. 


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