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Bayit launched its first Kickstarter to support the publication Daughters of EveThis volume includes 12 fantastic feminist essays about the women of Tanakh. Each essay includes journaling and discussion prompts. This is a great project and I am excited to see it in print. It is hoped that the readers will not only gain more knowledge of the Hebrew Scriptures but also reflect on how these ancient feminine archetypes reveal and influence who we are today.

Supporters can be anyone who wants to help. Daughters of Eve You can choose from a range of packages, some of which even include free swag, such as coffee mugs or tote bags. Others offer journals or jigsaws. If you belong to a book club, you might want to consider the Book Group Package, which includes books, bookplates, and a Zoom call with the author. Maybe you’d like to join forces with a group of writers to purchase the Storyteller Package, which gives you an opportunity to speak to Sally via Zoom about writing, character creation and story development.

The cover of this book is beautiful. It suggests to me that we all who study Torah engage in a circular dance through the generations. We can trace our roots all the way back to the Biblical past, and we can continue to look forward into the future generations.

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