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The dwindling of enthusiasm


I bought a Coronet 383 from 1968 that had a problem.
You’ve been sitting there for at least 25 Years. I am trying
I know the gas tank. The gas tank is a mystery to me
This fuel is no longer usable, so I replaced it with a brand new one.
Pump and ran a tube to a can of gas. It was a sort
The run was full of sputtering.
I rebuilt the carburetor (AVS).
I was very grateful. I noticed that the distributor
It looked as if the vacuum was not installed correctly (the vacuum).
The pod hit the A/C unit).
So I removed it, and put the TDC at the crank.
Compression stroke number one cylinder
The points are cleaned and the gaps filled.
The right way to put the drive shaft in (parallel)
The engine centerline) and install the
Replace the plug and cap.
It would barely move. I have a friend.
Tommy said just to twist the distributor
Until it runs. It was amazing how much this helped.
Then, I added a fancy timer light to it.
The timing is 66 degrees!
What’s going on?

There are only few possibilities.
• You don’t have the timing light connected
To #1 cylinder
• —or—
• Somebody swapped on the wrong
vibration damper
• The damper’s outer ring has rotated
(Slid) towards the inner hub
The only 100% sure fix could be a completely new correct
damper. The quick ’n’ dirty fix: Using
Make a positive stop using the method
TDC mark the existing damper. (Actually,
This would be a smart idea, even if it is not a practical solution.
A new damper is used to confirm accuracy.

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