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Cool off with these 5 Chilled Savouries


A menu of a variety refreshing recipes can help keep you cool during the hot summer months. When you think of summer, sweets such ice-cream, pudding, and sorbet come to mind. However, there are also many seasonal savory dishes that will please every guest.

1. Sweet Pea Soup, chilled
The Chilled Sweet Pea Soup has a refreshing and light taste thanks to fresh mint that is minced.

2. Bell Pepper Cups of Artichoke-Rice Salad
This Artichoke and Rice Salad in Bell Pepper Cups is a great addition to your spring or summer tea menus. The Lemon-Tarragon Vinaigrette adds a herbaceous, light flavor to this savory bite.

Tarragon-Cantaloupe Soup

3. Tarragon and Cantaloupe Soup
Tarragon and Cantaloupe Soup is a delicious soup that will taste amazing if you choose the best, most ripe cantaloupe. Orange juice and lime add a touch of citrus.

Salmon Mousse Bites

4. Salmon Mousse Bites
Salmon Mousse Bites are flavored with smoked salmon, cream cheese and fresh chives. Garlic, English cucumber, and garlic flavor the mousse.

Chilled Succotash Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette

5. Salad of chilled succotash with red wine vinaigrette
This savory salad is perfect for the season. This dish is best served with a cup of fruity, robust tea.

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