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Connecting Literacy and engineering: Empowering K-12 Students


When educators are looking to offer students an extensive learning experience, it is important to combine diverse subjects. For example, combining literacy with engineering. This dynamic integration promotes creativity, critical-thinking, and problem solving skills, among other things. We will explore the benefits of combining engineering and literacy, and give educators and students a chance to explore these fields. 


Where Literacy and Engineering meet 

Although literacy and engineering may seem unrelated at first, they are actually complementary. Both require problem solving, creativity and effective communication. The literacy component helps students communicate their ideas, while the engineering aspect sparks creativity and encourages hands-on experience. Combining these strengths can create a powerful educational blend that prepares students for a world in rapid change. 

Blending literacy and engineering can be beneficial 

Sharper Critical Thought 

Students are better at solving problems when you combine literacy with engineering. Consider making a simple device like a lever. You can learn more by reading…

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