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Connect: Rosh Hashanah Morning 1, 5784 / 2023


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“So what are you going to talk about, Rabbi, with the world as it is?”

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 12.32.46 PMThe world is burning. Climate catastrophes are continuing. Our democracy feels fragile in ways I don’t need to describe – you’re living them too. In many areas of the United States, rights are being attacked: my right to choose whether or not I carry a child, or that of women. There are people in Missouri like Rabbi Daniel Bogard. He pursues appropriate medical care for trans son. 

It will take a long time to fix our world. The climate crisis isn’t going anywhere, and I don’t think a quick fix will do it for democracy or human rights, either. It can have a heavy emotional and spiritual toll. 

In the winter, I found a new way to cope: by learning Arabic through Duolingo. This was done with a rabbi. Any time I caught myself doomscrolling, I’d open Duo and practice Arabic instead. The desire to learn came from his parents. A recent trip to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. It was my hope to go to Israel that motivated me to study.

Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 10.07.49 AMIt is very humbling to learn a language as an adult. After nine months I am able to say or read things like قهوة سيث طيب/ kahwa Seth tayyib, “Seth’s coffee is…

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