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Compression Socks Can Dramatically Improve Your Sleep — But Only If You Wear Them During The Day, Say Vascular Experts


If you’ve ever slipped on a snug pair of socks when your legs are achy, you’re familiar with how compression socks (also known as compression stockings) can soothe discomfort. They can help reduce swelling, rejuvenate tired legs and even treat conditions such as varicose venous. So it stands to reason that if they’re so beneficial when worn during the day, they’d provide similar perks at night, right? Not quite. While it’s true that you can sleep in compression socks, they’ll do a whole lot more good when you wear them during the day instead. Read on to learn how — and when — to wear them to maximize the benefits.

What compression socks are 

Compression socks gently squeeze your legs to improve blood circulation. They’re more snug than standard socks, and they can vary in length and support level. They’re often recommend for people who stand or sit for long stretches at a time, and also during travel. Why? When you’re in those positions, it can be hard for your veins to pump blood up from your legs back to your heart. Blood settles on your ankles and legs, which causes them to swell.

Problems tend to arise

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