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Matthew Curtis, Senior software engineer


Hey 👋 I’m Matthew and I work on a project called Perseus. It’s an open-source project that’s responsible for the exercise experience at Khan Academy. If you’ve ever answered a question using the radio widget or typed in an equation using our math keypad, you’ve used Perseus!

Since Perseus is detached from our main website (aka Webapp), we can sometimes run into issues that are tough to debug—we can’t easily add logging to the Perseus code and sometimes Webapp’s dependency on Perseus’ subpackages gets out of sync. Webapp has a set of developer tools, but they are added to the DOM. This creates a gap between what our internal users see and how we want them to see it.

So for a recent hackathon, I decided to prototype Perseus Dev Tools, a browser extension that added additional tooling to the browser’s built-in developer tools, inspired by React Dev Tools and Redux Dev Tools. The goal is:

  • Look at the Webapp exercise in detail.
  • Compare Webapp’s Perseus dependencies with the latest versions on npm
  • Please provide us with a location to place other Khan…

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