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Columbia Law School Dean Gives Both Sides Treatment to Hamas's Terrorist Rampage in Israel


Gillian Lester released a press release on Monday, whitewashing what was the worst terrorist act in Israeli History. Lester lamented “violence which erupted” in Israel and Gaza without mentioning the massacre that sparked it.

The statement failed to mention Hamas’s role in the attack that left more than 900 Israelis killed, nor did it note the Iranian-backed terrorist group targeted civilians who were some of whom gang-raped.

Lester wrote to students in an email that the violence in Israel and Gaza over the weekend was nothing less than tragic. “I am aware that many people in our community are affected both directly and indirect by the escalation in conflict and the fear, uncertainty and anxiety that has followed, as the situation continues to develop on the ground.”

Lester’s statement—which made no mention of anti-Semitism or the Jewish people—was much less aggressive than the one she made in March after a swastika was found in a law school bathroom. The “antisemitic sign” she wrote back then is “starkly opposed to our core value.”

Jewish students find the contradiction between these statements disturbing.

“It shows a failure to support the Jewish community when times are tough ,”…

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