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Colitis in Horses


Antibiotic-induced clostridial colitis must be recognized and treated promptly to prevent a horse owner’s worst nightmare.

Dusty Perin Photo

It’s safe to say we love horses—all horses. Every once in awhile, we come across the perfect horse. Like a soul mate or best friend, a heart horse is one that’s a perfect match for you. Together, you’re two peas in a pod, and you can’t imagine life without this four-legged friend.

Lisa Sherrodd’s passion horse is her hearthorse. Norwegian Fjord Fiona was a mare. Sherrodd decided that when Fiona was in her teens, she would breed her to pass on her genes. Her amazing genes include good looks, a strong temperament, a love for people, a tough nature, and kind, sun-shade eyes.

Two Norwegian Fjords gallop through the snow
In 2018, Lisa Sherrodd’s Norwegian Fjord mare, Fiona (left) , gave birth to Rosie (right). Photo courtesy Lisa Sherrodd

Fiona had a filly called Rosie in the summer of 2018. Rosie was all Sherrodd could have hoped. In the afternoons, she’d lay in the pasture, and Rosie would lay beside her, with her head on her lap. Who could be so fortunate to have a second hearthorse?

A young Norwegian Fjord foal
Rosie was Sherrodd’s dream foal from her favorite mare, but a swift reaction to antibiotics cut her…

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