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Clio Cloud Conference 2023: Highlights From Jack Newton’s Keynote 


ClioCon 2023 will be our 11th annual conference. Clio Founder and CEO Jack Newton kicked off the event with an energizing keynote covering everything from the state of the legal industry to Clio’s newest offerings. Watch Jack Newton’s full keynote presentation below, or rContinue reading to see highlights of the keynote.  

This is not Clio’s conference—it’s yours

Jack welcomed attendees, noting that, over the past ten years, it’s become clear that ClioCon is not Clio’s conference. Clio, on the other hand, brings together attendees who want to embrace new ways of practice and experiment, setting a standard for an impactful lawyer. 

The legal profession has taken note of ClioCon’s impact—ClioCon 2023 is our biggest ClioCon yet, with over 2,500 in-person attendees and over 2,000 virtual attendees. ClioCon is truly an international event, as it has attendees from more than 20 countries.

Going global with Clio… 

2023 marks Clio’s 15th anniversary. Jack recognized that to continue Clio’s mission to transform the legal experience for all, Clio needed to expand its mission to a global audience. This was the beginning of Clio’s global expansion. Clio has arrived in Australia You can also find out more about the following: Clio Payments launches in…

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