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Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates has classes in session


Can birthing classes and postpartum sessions be beneficial to the expecting mother? Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates has a clear YES answer! Whether it’s a first birth or a subsequent birth, most women report some sense of anxiety surrounding labor and delivery. These worries are almost always rooted in uncertainty. Getting hands-on experience, using tools and practicing is a great way to reduce this feeling of uncertainty. Can you give birth without a childbirth class? Why would you do that when childbirth education is the best way to prepare? The article that you are reading today was a result from several requests Brooke Eagle Publisher of Forsyth Woman(asking her to inform others about the amazing classes offered by Lyndhurst’s PT/OT department. Eagle remarked, “It’s very rare that we get multiple article requests for the same people!” Lyndhurst patients regularly receive pelvic floor exercises. Mary Sadler, OTR/L and Lauren Bost were singled out for their outstanding work. The following classes are sure to impress.

Childbirth Education & Lamaze Class

Prepare for the late stages of pregnancy. as well as learning comfort…

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