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Chef’s Table: Scott Peck


Scott Peck has more than 10 years of culinary experience. In his early childhood, Scott Peck’s interest in cooking began with a few peeks at the family stove. This grew into a professional fascination that led to him being appointed executive chef of the Loveless Cafe in Nashville. Scott’s first foray into cooking for others came about as a result of him and his family indulging in their shared love for breakfast foods.

“We would probably do breakfast for dinner three times a week at my house growing up,” Scott says. “That’s why I think I started off simple—like most young kids—with cooking scrambled eggs. Sometimes, they were actually scrambled, and sometimes, they were just burnt, but we all have to start somewhere.”

Scott’s affinity for all things breakfast still holds strong in his own home today as well as in the kitchen at Loveless Cafe, and cast iron has been along for every step of his culinary upbringing. A 12-inch cast-iron pan has been a staple in Scott’s family kitchen, and he carried it over with him into his professional career.

“Our household frequently cooked with it,” he says. “In the ’80s and early ’90s, when nonstick pans were not as popular,…

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