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Cat Food: It pays to get it right


The first time Catster published the article Cat Food: Why it Pays to Get it Right by Dr. Karyn Kanowski BVSc, MRCVS (Vet). Copying whole articles violates copyright laws. All of these articles are not public domain. They were all assigned, paid for and contracted. Although we are happy that you enjoyed the article, it would be great if you shared the first paragraph and linked to the entire article on Catster.com.

Hi, I’m Dr. Karyn! You can read my introduction and learn more about my funny cats, Clutch Cyril Alex Zelda Zazzles.

The most common question I receive from pet owners is: What’s the Best Cat Food?? There is no single best food. The best cat food might not be suitable for another cat.

There are hundreds of pet food brands, varieties, and budgets available. This is because each cat, household, and budget is unique. How do you choose the best cat food for your pet?

The first thing to know is that I would rarely classify any cat food as “bad”, but some are definitely better than others. If…

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