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California rejects the ban on caste discrimination


In July 2020 the California Civil Rights Department brought a case against Cisco, a Silicon Valley-based tech company for illegal and discriminatory practices, including caste discrimination. Cisco supervisors paid engineers in India less money because of caste, and they allegedly retaliated if the engineers questioned the illegal practices.

Dalit were at the bottom of the social hierarchy in India and as a caste were considered “untouchables.” People were assigned to their respective castes from birth and offered no social mobility. Castes had restrictions on work and marriage, and were often separated. Although castes were banned officially in 1950, they are still present in India today.

The first Indians to immigrate to the United States came from the Brahmins and Kshatriyas, higher castes of India. It wasn’t until recently that lower castes began immigrating to the United States. Many Indians in America incorrectly believe the caste system is still applicable and discriminate against Indian Americans or other Indians on the basis caste. The caste system is rooted in Hinduism in India, but it can also be…

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