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Can anger be controlled?


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Can Anger Be Controlled?

Can Anger Be Controlled?

How to rise above anger by Anandmurtigurumaa

The idea that anger is something you can ‘control’ is a big misconception. But that is not the case. Anger burns out like a fireball.

Imagine you’re tempted to cough. You can stop it. When anger hits, it does so with all of its force. It doesn’t let up. Like a raging storm, you can’t ‘control’ the currents before they have already carried you far and wide.

We need to take preemptive steps that will prevent anger in the first instance. Anger management is a must. Then, The anger is manifested.

How do we go about it? How do you prepare yourself for a temper-free mind?

With consistent practice of a few yogic methods, you can get to a state where sudden, burning bouts begin to fade away- even if it is slowly.

Deep Breathing
First, you can…

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