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Camp Vibes Soften Men


This article is an observation about what’s happening to men.

The film covers a mysterious tech-elite event, called Vibecamp that took place in rural Maryland in June. Vibecamp may be less visible than its closest analogue, Burning Man, but it is also more revealing about a coterie of men with high status, yet no sense of direction. This is not meant to be interpreted as a criticism of Vibecamp, or its participants. I stayed there for less then 24 hours, before being led away.

Many articles lament the dwindling sperm count, estrogenic microplastics and loneliness statistics. They also mention suicide rates, atrophying dating vitality, and a decline in lust. “What’s the Matter With Men?” asks the New Yorker “The Crisis of Men and Boys,” shouts the New York Times “Men are Lost,” warns the Washington Post, “The Crisis Over American Men Is Really Code for Something Else,” informs Politico, all while doing their level best to excise and alienate Act Nowual men, or at least the ones who try to act like men.

There is very little reporting on men. Few straight male reporters remain, and those that do are…

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