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California Restaurant used a false priest to survey employees


It is true that there are unethical employers, but it requires a certain amount of bravado to tell your employees you have hired a pastor to listen to their confessions. It would even more daring for such managers to use a priest to extract information on their employees and not understand the complete violation of faith that has on a business’ staff.

The Taqueria Garibaldi restaurant in Sacramento, CA and Roseville, CA, owned Che Garibaldi Inc. has settled with Labor Department regarding the use of false clergy to essentially spy employees. The restaurants agreed that they would pay 35 employees $70,000 for back wages as well as $70,000 damages, along with $5,000 in civil penalties.

In November 2021, restaurant operator Eduardo Hernandez offered a “priest” to hear confessions from employees during work hours. The alleged pastor asked a lot of questions about work. The man asked if employees had ever stolen or been late to work from their employers, or done anything that would harm their employer. The priest allegedly confessed to a number of employees. The Diocese of Sacramento, the fake priest’s assumed church, denied that this individual…

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