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Greenland: A Route Through the Arctic


It was the sort of darkness where it’s hard to discern the boundary between ocean and sky. The fog didn’t help. It was everywhere and required the intermittent hum from the wipers.

The ice was melting as the daylight came. On the radar, we had seen some larger icebergs. The area we were traversing looked impassable just a day before on the Danish charts. The East Greenland Current was bringing sea ice that had been farther north along the Greenland coastline, and sucked it south as near-solid ice floes.

The crew assembled in The Hague before departing to the U.K., from left: Haley Currie and Phillipe. Jennifer, Liam Selendy, and Phillipe.

Nakomis Nelson

We left Iceland two days earlier, taking advantage of the narrow window of weather in July between Greenland & Iceland. All the satellite photos were useless because of the fog and cloudy weather that had lasted for a week. We were counting on a dying northwesterly wind to break up the ice near Prince Christian Sound. Prince Christian Sound is an interconnected system of fjords that form an inland pass across Greenland. If we couldn’t find a way through, we’d be…

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