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How to Build a Kit First, read these 10 tips!



Gerry Yarrish: Article and photos

Our RC hobbies have been around for decades and are largely a DIY hobby. In the beginning, all there was to choose from were builder’s kits. In recent times, the hobby has evolved to include easier-to-assemble “almost ready to fly” (ARF) planes, which greatly sped the development of experienced RC pilots. However, this came at the expense of modelers who had less workshop experience. This article will highlight some of the fundamentals of building a scale model airplane. Let’s get started.

Tech Tip

The first rule of kit construction: read the instructions. You should read the instructions several times before gluing anything together. Ask a friend who has experience to help you if you are having trouble understanding. You need to know what you’re doing and how to do it before you begin.


A model-airplane maker’s workshop is one of the most rewarding aspects of their hobby. The majority of times, you will build your workshop in the corner of your garage or basement. This way, all of the shavings can be contained and the rest of your house won’t get dirty. It’s really just a matter of a few benches and…

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