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Breathing through Resistance


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Breathing through Resistance

Breathing through Resistance

This space is a place of peace, which diffuses into the heart and mind of the practitioner.  By Marisa Atha

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In class, my yoga teacher says, “When you meet resistance, breathe through it.”

This statement is true not just in yoga but in all aspects of life.  When I have been brought to my knees by something—by the hardship of marriage, by the realization of my body’s limitations, by disappointment, by crippling grief—I have passed through this paralyzing moment simply by telling myself, Just Breathe.  That’s it.  Keep the air moving.

The breath is a great teacher. It teaches us about resistance and impermanence.  When we try to hold on to the breath at its fullest or emptyest, our bodies begin to move. This is why we need to constantly renew our acceptance of impermanence.  When we are challenged by a yoga posture, our…

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