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Breaking Bad Addictions in Your Live


We tend to overestimate the value of many things.

Believe it or not, there’s even a scientific term for that phenomenon. It’s called the Better-Than-Average Effect. Our tendency is to be more self-confident than we should.

  • We don’t sing as well as we think we do.
  • We don’t eat or exercise as healthy as we should.
  • We try to minimize our addictions.
  • We downplay our depression.
  • Our marriages are more healthy than we think.

When things seem better than they really are, we’re less likely to put ourselves through the discomfort of making improvements. God is still committed to our development. He’s at work every day to make us more like Jesus. Proverbs 1:5a says, “Let the wise hear and increase in learning.” Romans 12 describes the renewal and transformation of our minds. Galatians 5.22 explains the fruits of the Spirit, which the Lord cultivates in our lives.

We often adopt a non-effective approach even when we are ready to change. For example, we focus on only our external behaviors, such as waking up earlier, eating less calories, or going to the gym. Instead of addressing our core issues that drive our choices.

How do we bring about lasting change…

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