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Boaters Drop Anchor at Huntington Lighthouse Music Fest


“It’s the only event in the world where live bands play from the rooftop of a working lighthouse,” says Pamela Setchell, the president of the Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society (HLPS). This event is the Huntington Lighthouse Music Fest. It celebrates its fourteenth anniversary.The th This holiday weekend, there will be a performance.

On Saturday, September 2, just a half mile from dry land in New York’s Huntington Bay off Long Island Sound, live bands will play from 11 a.m. to dusk for more than 1,000 boats anchored around the historic Huntington Harbor Lighthouse. The seven bands will perform reggae music, Motown, Jimmy Buffett and Santana.

The event is free to attendees, but it’s powered by contributions from sponsors and is the HLPS’s largest fundraiser of the year. “We rely on the proceeds for the ongoing preservation of this historic structure,” says Setchell. The Huntington Harbor Lighthouse was first established in 1857. It was formerly called Lloyd Harbor Lighthouse. The tower that is currently lit was first lit up in 1912 and the light was automatized in 1949.

Setchell, credited with the festival’s success, says: “Talent and spirit were required when we first suggested the idea of holding a music…

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