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Blown Smoke: Unveiling the Carbon Fiber Chevy with a 2,000-HP Most sensible Gas Diesel Engine


Each now and again, there’s a truck that simply stops you on your tracks. Whether or not you’re a Ford, Chevy or Dodge/Ram fan, there are particular vehicles that simply seize everybody’s consideration. A height gas diesel?
Yeah, that should do it. The carbon fiber frame 2006 Chevy on those pages is the brainchild of diesel fanatic Brian Spooner, who hails out of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada. Brian enlisted the assistance of excellent pals Jamie Stojanowski and Curtis Halverson to construct this monster, which is not like the rest the diesel international has ever noticed.

2,000-HP Backside Finish

Let’s beginning with the fundamentals. Maximum engines that are available in manufacturing pickups are within the 5.9L to 7.3L vary, whilst this engine displaces 511 cubic inches, or 8.37 liters. What’s extra is that it’s in line with a Most sensible Gas Dragster engine, so it’s extraordinarily stout and so much lighter than maximum different diesel engines in the market. The aluminum engine block is in line with a Brad Anderson Engineering (BAE) design, and is crammed, fire-ringed, and has ARP fasteners on each the primary and heads. A Bryant crank swings a suite of BME aluminum rods which can be hooked up to a suite of personalized 13.8:1 compression ratio BME pistons.

There’s numerous magic occurring below the valve duvet of this one-of-a-kind diesel. What we do know is that the top is loosely in line with a hemi design, with 500-percent Duramax injectors put in instead of spark plugs. There’s additionally no combustion chamber, and the engine runs diesel pistons with bowls as an alternative of hemi gasoline pistons.
The guts of Brian Spooner’s drag truck is that this superior 8.3L engine based totally upon a Most sensible Gas powerplant. It’s visually other than any diesel engine we’ve ever noticed sooner than, and likewise a heck of so much louder. With an estimated 2,000 hp and three,500 lb-ft of torque, announcing it’s a monster is an underestimation.
The ones huge injectors require numerous beef up, so dual FASS 260-gph carry pumps ship quite a lot of gas to more than one 12mm stroker CP3 pumps constructed via Exergy Engineering. The CP3s also are pushed off a separate crank force that used to be tradition constructed for this software.
The dual tanks up entrance are for diesel gas, and a water-soluble oil, which is injected into the engine similar to water/methanol could be, to stay EGT below regulate.
The massive PSI 206D screw blower takes extra energy than a turbo to force however is able to fast spice up as quickly because the throttle is disheveled. The four-butterfly hat may be from PSI, whilst the traces below the hat are for the water/oil injection.
With many one-off items, a Moroso oil accumulator used to be hired at start-ups to scale back put on. The accumulator will even fireplace off quarts of oil immediately in case the engine ever loses force, to forestall bearing, ring, or different engine injury.
Diesel rear ends are sturdy however heavy. This fabricated, back-braced housing constructed via Scribner is each sturdy and lightweight. The rear finish has a diesel-specific 2.91 gears to stay the large engine in its energy band.

“The massive supercharger is 234-percent overdriven, and sends 60 psi of spice up
to the engine”

The place issues in point of fact begin to get fascinating although, is on the cylinder heads. The 4 valve consistent with cylinder heads are based totally off of a clean design and have massive drift numbers, shaft-mounted rocker palms and have been personalized in particular for this engine. A 12-month mission via Curtis Halverson at Excessive Racing Engines, they have been the important thing in making the engine, neatly, a diesel.

Large Ol’ Blower

Some other space the place Brian’s truck differs from maximum is within the induction division. On just about all diesels, you’d most often discover a turbocharger, or possibly two, however in this custom-built powerplant, a PSI 206D screw blower sits atop a Level V height gas consumption manifold. Flowing an implausible 3,500 cfm (or about the similar as a 100+mm turbo) the large supercharger is 234-percent overdriven, and sends 60 psi of spice up to the engine. The remainder of the facility plant is simply as unique, with two 12mm stroker CP3 pumps from Exergy Engineering, mammoth 500-percent over Duramax injectors that have been tailored to the appliance, and a Bosch Motorsports stand-alone ECU that controls the engine’s injection gadget, handles knowledge logging, and plays a myriad of different duties. Tuning is treated via Andrew (S&S Diesel) and Jaime (J&R Automobile).

With the entrance finish got rid of, one can see how a long way the engine is about again within the chassis to supply awesome weight switch upon release.
A race weight of two,850 lbs. doesn’t come simple, and weight is reduce anywhere conceivable. Even the seat is a half-seat, and it’s created from carbon fiber.

“Two 12mm stroker CP3 pumps from Exergy Engineering,
mammoth 500-percent over Duramax injectors…”


The transmission that’s constructed to take care of the engine’s estimated 2,000 horsepower and three,500 lb-ft of torque isn’t your reasonable diesel gearbox. Constructed via B&J Transmissions, the three-speed transmission is maximum usually used on Most sensible Alcohol dragsters, humorous vehicles and different top-tier drag vehicles. The planetary tools transmission may be in a position to make use of both a seize or converter to mate it to the engine. On this case, Brian and corporate selected a tradition 2,500-stall Precision Industries torque converter, that’s neatly suited for the blown diesel’s fast throttle reaction.

Simplest The Best possible

The philosophy of the use of the most productive portions to be had extends to the chassis, suspension and frame and no longer simply the drivetrain. The frame is made totally out of carbon fiber, and is helping cut back the truck’s ready-to-race weight to a trifling 2,850 lbs. The chassis is a double-frame rail design that may certify to six.0 seconds within the quarter-mile, built out of chromoly metal, and used to be constructed via Brad Hadman.

With an enormous quantity of diesel torque on faucet, the rear rubber is similarly huge to give you the truck with the traction for speedy occasions. The 34.5x17x16 slicks fastened on Weld Racing wheels must supply 60ft occasions within the 1.1-1.2 moment vary as soon as the truck is ironed out.
The entrance wheels also are from Weld and are for drag racing functions simplest. The spindle-mount wheels weigh a shockingly mild 9.5 lbs. and reduce down on each rotational weight and rolling resistance with the thin drag tires.

“The chassis is a double-frame rail design that may certify to six.0 seconds within the quarter-mile.”

The inner is all industry, with a carbon sprint, minimum inside and tubular steerage column. The black duvet for the transmission is a transmission blanket, which serves as a protections for the driving force from any flying portions must breakage happen.
The entrance suspension may be a drag race affair, as Odd struts are hired. Blended with a rack and pinion steerage unit, all of the entrance steerage, suspension, and brakes are below 100 lbs. mixed.
The crew is aiming prime relating to efficiency. The rear wing is a Most sensible Gas-style unit that gives an important quantity of down power on the height finish of the observe to stay the truck immediately, whilst the twin parachutes are an NHRA requirement in case the truck tops 200 mph within the quarter-mile, which is an excessively actual chance.

For those who’re considering that the rearend must be extremely sturdy to be able to take care of the engine’s 3,500 lb-ft of torque, you’d be proper. The totally braced custom-fabricated rear axle used to be constructed via Scribner, and includes a light-weight aluminum middle phase, 40-spline axles, and diesel-friendly 2.91 gears. Brakes at the rear are from Odd Engineering, similar to they’re at the strut entrance suspension.

After hours of pouring over the main points of the truck, we have been deeply inspired with the extent of talent it took to construct this kind of trip. Sadly, a damaged rocker sidelined the Chevy in its first day out, so we’ll have to attend and notice if Blown Smoke can crack the NHRDA’s present 7.46-second Professional Inventory Truck file. Within the interim, our hats are off to Brian, Curtis, and all of the J&R Automobile workforce for pushing the efficiency envelope like by no means sooner than. DW

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