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Bitcoin Trading Limited to Narrow Range – Is this the New Normal?


In general, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto-currencies tend to be volatile. It is one property that makes the asset a high-risk-high-reward utility.

It has been reported that traders have profited millions of dollars from crypto in one month. Bitcoin, for example, reached its peak of $65,000 in November 2021. A year later, however, the value of crypto fell to only $28,500.

Crypto is volatile, or at least that’s what traders are used to. In recent years, established cryptos, like Bitcoin and Ethereum have shown much greater market stability. BTC is still a market leader and has maintained value despite regulatory demands and unethical practices. This is particularly true for an asset whose value can fluctuate from 5% to 10 % in a single day.

So what’s happening with Bitcoin price? Let’s dig deeper.

Bitcoin Volatility – The Changing Face

Bitcoin has been in a low volatility regime for several weeks now. This current phase has only occurred twice in the ten-year history of crypto.

Since then, the crypto has been quiet. Crypto has actually managed to…

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