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Bill Ackman’s Letter to Harvard Re Widespread antisemitism


You should read this the whole thingHere is a “highlight”.

Last Wednesday, I met with Jewish, Israeli and non-Jewish faculty and students at the Law School and HBS. In addition, I participated in a 90-minute Town Hall in Aldrich 112. This was organized by Harvard Chabad and included 230 Jewish college student (incidentally one for every Hamas prisoner held), as well research staff and faculty members from across the University. Over the course the day it became apparent that the situation in Harvard was dire and worsening, much more than I thought.

Jewish students have been bullied, intimidated physically, spat at, and in a number of widely distributed videos, there are even instances where they were physically assaulted. There are many antisemitic images, memes and statements on the Student Slack boards. Students shout “Intifada!” on the Widener Library steps, and in other places. Intifada! Intifada! “From the River to Sea, Palestine shall be free!” They are calling for a violent insurrection, using eliminationist language and aiming to destroy Israel and the Jewish population.

You sent a very clear message when you said in your video of October 12th that Harvard “embraces an commitment to freedom of expression.”

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