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Big Blonde is Fun and Food


Big Blonde is Fun and Food

The Beth Stern Socialization School For Sassy Kittens

I’ll never forget Fig and Dumpling, two of the most challenging kittens ever enrolled in my socialization program. When they arrived in my guest bathroom in 2016, they were beautiful but emaciated…and they were manic! The animals peed everywhere and ripped off the window curtains.

Their situation was further complicated by the weather. It was the middle of a brutal winter, and I knew I couldn’t neuter and release them back into the cold. It took months and lots of hand-feeding treats and just sitting in that small bathroom with them until they associated me with toys, treats, and meals — delivered on the end of a long wooden spoon.

This blog’s title is: “Big Blonde = Food and Fun!” Socialization involves helping children associate human beings with good things like food and fun. As part of the socialization process, you can try to gently touch them using the tip of their favorite toy’s wand. After that, you can replace the wand by your hand. Carefully! Next, you can try to pick up the kittens and pet them. It can be difficult to get older cats who have never had any contact with humans.

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