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The power of real-world race experience: Beyond the classroom


Real world race experience cannot be taught in the classroom – it’s taught on the track!
The National Motorsport Academy offers a wealth of opportunities to students and employers.

Let’s face it, everyone who gets into motorsport knows it’s a highly exhilarating and fast-paced industry that captivates millions of individuals around the world. It provides thrilling experiences, international travel, and a strong feeling of teamwork. It’s no wonder that so many people decide to pursue a career within motorsport.

How do you get yourself noticed in such a competitive market? That’s where we can help. Our online motorsport engineering classes prepare students for a life on the fast track. What’s our secret? Race in real life!

We are unique in our approach to motorsport education. Our 100% online Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees ensure National Motorsport Academy students get hands-on, practical skills from anywhere in the world. Students can obtain this unparalleled experience through:

  • Direct involvement with the NMA race team
  • Race teams and series in the USA that are renowned for their excellence

We pride ourselves on going beyond the traditional classroom by immersing our students in the heart and soul of racing. Dr Kieran reeves, director of Motorsport, stresses the importance of real-world experiences in preparing students to work in the fast-paced racing industry.

‘As qualified race engineers with extensive experience in GT race series, students are provided with unparalleled opportunities to gain ‘real-world’ race experience during live events. Working alongside our team, students dive into the exhilarating realm of race vehicles, from mechanical work to electrical diagnosis and data analysis.’

They also develop time management skills that are required to meet the tight deadlines of scrutineering, track assembly, and other tasks. True learning happens on and off track. Students gain valuable experience through hands-on activities.

‘Our students truly get hands-on experience when they join our race team,’ Dr Kieran Reeves elaborates. ‘Through this immersive approach, we ensure our students are well-equipped to become valued members of successful racing teams in their future careers.’

Our courses offer students the flexibility to pursue a motorsport career from anywhere. Virtual Learning Studio allows for online learning, as the students are immersed in a learning environment that is beyond classroom boundaries. The VLS platform provides a wealth or resources and can even notify students of exclusive motorsport events across the nation. The VLS platform breaks down distance barriers and allows students to succeed in the motorsports industry, no matter where they live.

Boosting future engineers

Ben Auty is a recent NMA graduate who has taken advantage of one of our exclusive VLS programs. He had very little motorsport experience before he started the BSc Motorsport Engineering. However, he was driven to achieve and succeed at the highest levels.

Ben studied for a whole year before deciding to be self-employed and enter motorsports as a full time job. He was fully supported by our tutors in achieving his goal. ‘NMA assisted me in writing a CV that would catch the eye of employers and supported me with advice whenever I needed it,’ comments Auty.

A student from the National Motorsport Academy working on a racecar

Ben was ready to get some real-world training after completing the modules. He played a key role in our 2023 GT Cup race team’s opening round. ‘During race weekends there are certain situations you can’t simulate anywhere else,’ explains Auto. ‘It can go from being quite calm to being full on in the blink of an eye. You can perfect your skills by being with NMA during a GT Cup Weekend. This means when you get an opportunity with another team later down the line, you’re ready to become a valued member.’

Ben may be able to predict the future. Patrick Watts Racing approached him shortly after his GT Cup experience, asking him to help them out at the BRSCC Citroen C1 24 Hour Race on short notice.

‘The National Motorsport Academy gave me the knowledge and confidence to be able to accept an exciting challenge on two days’ notice,’ highlights Ben. ‘The tutors are excellent when it comes to being there and giving the advice I need to hear.’

Finding talent for employers

Employers recognize that our NMA students have the advantage in a competitive field because they have real race experience. Kudu Motorsport, an employer of NMA students, saw first-hand their exceptional talent. We started working with Kudu during last year’s racing season, when we assisted Kudu with overcoming a significant staffing challenge.

‘Faced with a sudden shortage of skilled personnel, I knew that finding suitable replacements quickly was crucial to keep our racing operations running smoothly,’ says Ricardo Lapa, Owner at Kudu Motorsport. ‘I decided to advertise the vacant positions with the NMA and, within a day of posting the job openings, I received enthusiastic responses from numerous highly qualified engineers eager to step in and contribute to our racing team for the upcoming weekend.’

‘This year, I made the decision to bring on board another NMA student as a full-time member of our team. In the past, recruitment had been a challenging endeavour for me, due to our business’s remote location. This addition has not only bolstered our capabilities but also provided a sense of stability and consistency,’ continues Lapa.

Students from the National Motorsport Academy working trackside in a garage

‘The NMA’s ability to promptly address our immediate staffing needs and facilitate the recruitment of a qualified full-time member has allowed us to overcome unexpected obstacles and maintain our competitive edge. The NMA’s service is indispensable, as it bridges the gap between professionals who are interested in the field and those businesses that need them. This is especially important for us remote workers. I look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration in the future.’ 

Whether you’re seeking a path into motorsport or an employer in search of the brightest upcoming talent, visit the NMA website:

> Find your perfect candidate

> Start your path into motorsport today

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