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Beyond Davos

Beyond Davos

Few annual events produce more paranoid commentary than the World Economic Forum’s recently completed Davos conference. The WEF was founded in 1971 and has become a favorite target for lunatic spinmeisters such as Alex Jones and right-wingers like Glenn Beck, Fox News, and many conservative activists. It is widely regarded as the place where a terrifying “Great Reset” has been plotted by the mighty—a plan hatched behind closed doors between sips of champagne and forays onto the slopes. Lara Logan, a South African reporter even claimed Falsely, Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the House at Davos.

“WEF is a sitting target (of misinformation)—very expensive to attend, invitation only,” said Claire Wardle, co-director of the Information Futures Lab at Brown University. “It’s playing out the foundation of every conspiracy theory, which is that the world is being controlled by a secret elite and you’re not part of it.” But suspicions like these misunderstand the problem. The global economy is being transformed It is It is happening, but not because elite business, political and media people are posing on stage while enjoying Swiss comforts. The world…

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