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Better Boating Etiquette


Unintentional disruptions of a day at the beach are rare, but they can be caused by a misunderstanding of the rules. In other words, it’s a misunderstanding of the needs of the other boat, when under sail or power. According to a BoatUS article, it boils down to three main issues that put boaters into dangerous situations.


Boaters will have different needs depending on the type of vessel they are using. Anglers and sailors are both concerned about the powerboat wakes slowing their vessel down. However, most boaters opt to do what they think is “the right thing.”

While it is impossible to know what another captain’s preference is, the best choice is to give a wide berth to other boats. If you want to be extra safe, increase the width of your berth after deciding what it will be.


The wake can cause serious damage to boats and their passengers. With enough space, the wake will diminish. In a narrow channel where two boats must pass one another, one boat may need to travel at a high speed in order to create a large wake. Before passing, the boat creating the wake should…

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