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Try 10 of the best rums this summer


Havana Club 11 Years Old Rum

Rum is on the rise. Sales are up globally, and more people are mixing rum than ever before. rum cocktails You can do this at home. There’s good reason for this: Rum It is the largest and most diverse category of spirits. Range of styles There is something for every taste. As demand increases, producers have to up their game and release new products, including premium expressions, in order to satisfy our thirst.

Released on June the Rum Global Market Report Business Research Company’s 2023 report showed that global rum sales are expected to increase by 4.8% annually this year. This will bring the category to US$14.35bn, from US$13.69bn by 2022. The report estimates that the category will be worth US$17.68bn in 2027.

Meanwhile research conducted by Bacardí earlier this year showed that over a quarter of us in the UK are opting for a rum cocktail instead of beer this summer. In May, out of the 2,011 people surveyed, 29% chose rum cocktails. A Piña Colada was the number one choice, followed by Sex on the Beach and a minty Mojito.

In the Mix

If you’re a novice and want to have a go at making your own Rum cocktails at home Laura Foster, the drinks expert at Laura Foster.com, suggests that this summer you keep your things…

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