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Back support is important for paddling and kayaking.


It is important to choose a kayak seat that offers enough support for your lower back and rear to ensure a comfortable paddling trip.

Most people start their kayaking adventures on sit-on top kayaks. They are popular with stand-up paddleboards and other paddling crafts, especially during the summer.

The sit-on top is a popular choice for kayak fishing and recreational paddling. It’s wide hull offers primary stability. These boats are relatively easy for beginners to handle, even in bumpy or lumpy waters. And, if you do capsize, it’s comparatively simple to right these boats and remount them – unlike attempting a self-rescue in a sit-inside kayak, which requires reasonably advanced skills and a lot of bailing.

But one of the downsides of sit-on-top kayaks is that they typically don’t have much of a seat, beyond whatever vaguely bum-shaped feature has been included in the design of the plastic hull, which won’t have any padding whatsoever and no back support.

You can purchase additional seats and backrests to fit your sit-on top kayak. Most of them are…

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