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Best Anchorages on the Windward Islands


Each island has its own unique appeal. From the fish trap artisans of Laborie on St. Lucia to hiking along the coast in Martinique, each island is a must-see.
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Windward Islands – from Martinique all the way to Grenada – form the southern Caribbean Sea’s border. They include four countries, dozens of islands—many of them uninhabited—steady trade winds, and hundreds of miles of navigable coastline. This tropical playground makes a perfect sailing destination for experienced sailors as well as first-time charterers. 

Martinique is located at the northernmost end of the Windwards, and it’s the only French territory within the group. With its fine wine, boulangeries and chic Paris fashions, it’s the island where resisting indulgence is ­hardest. It’s also a major yachting destination with skilled technicians, though it’s often the most expensive. The coastline is dotted with colorful colonial architecture, and there are cafes and restaurants lining the beaches. 

St. Lucia’s mountainous coastline beckons to the south of Martinique, with tourist destinations such as the Pitons bringing well-deserved fame. Diving…

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