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Adopting Senior pets has many benefits


More than Port Washington Campus, New York: 250 adoptable animals at any time, there’s no question the perfect senior pet is here waiting for the day when he or she can take that long awaited car ride to their new home and feel the cool breeze in their fur as they enjoy a new chapter in their lives. The cuteness of a puppy or kitten is sure to bring a smile, but an older dog or cat will do the same, and make the process of pet parenting much easier.

Adopting an older pet has many benefits. You can also meet some seniors in our Port Washington, NY Adoption Center.

Advanced Seniors
Unlike their younger counterparts, older pets have better manners and require less time and effort to train. Most of them are housebroken. They also know basic commands. In case you’re wondering, you can definitely teach old dogs new tricks.

Less Mischief, More Calm
It’s no secret puppies and kittens like to play with everything! Unless you’re careful your new pair of shoes or your potted plants can become their new play-thing. They are also more disciplined.

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