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Baking Class in Dpeth – Kyiv Cake


Kyiv (alternatively spelled Kiev, and pronounced “keev”) Cake, or Kyivski tort, is a true Ukrainian classic, originating from its capital, Kyiv. This masterpiece is made up of layers of crispy, airy hazelnut meringues and silky smooth chocolate buttercream. It is usually topped with hazelnuts, and the cake is chilled before serving to develop a smooth texture.

This cake was made in 1956 by the Karl Marx Confectionery Factory of Kyiv. Cashews replaced walnuts after World War II when the USSR developed ties with India. Hazelnuts replaced cashews when they became too costly. The cake became very popular across the Soviet Union, and today, it’s still one of the most recognizable achievements of Soviet confectionery and has since become one of the symbols of Kyiv.

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Excellent recipes require wonderful ingredients. Here’s how our recipes’ ingredients contribute to making the very best Kyiv Cake.

  • EGGS: When making the Hazelnut Meringue, make sure to… Make sure to use…

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