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Japanese Milk Bread: Baking School in Depth

Japanese Milk Bread: Baking School in Depth

It is soft and fluffy with an ivory interior that looks like a cloud, and a resilient, bronzed crust. This adds a delicate contrast in texture. The tangzhong technique, which is a Japanese method of making a smooth paste from flour and milk, has contributed to its soft, springy texture. The Japanese Milk Bread Loaf’s stunning appearance is achieved by a simple shaping technique. The dough can also be shaped into round buns, as we’ve done for our Almond Cream Buns, or you make beautifully flecked Scallion Ropes sprinkled with sesame seeds and sea salt.

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Baking School will be held with Williams Sonoma at 5 pm PT on May 15, 2023. Laura Crandall and Brian Hart Hoffman, test kitchen director will demonstrate how to make this amazing milk bread.



Excellent recipes require wonderful ingredients. Here’s how our recipes’ ingredients contribute to making the very best milk bread loaf, buns, and ropes.

The milk is used in the preparation of tangzhong (milk bread), which is a must-have for any milk lover. Whole milk’s fat adds tenderness to the bread.

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