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Bublanina: Baking School in Depth


Bublanina – a Czech spongecake with a texture similar to coffeecake and a taste reminiscent of French Clafoutis – is pleasing on the eyes and the palate, with its light and airy batter lightly kissed with vanilla and lemon. In keeping with tradition, it’s dappled with the best summertime has to offer—gleaming dark cherries, juicy blackberries, and tart raspberries, which nestle gently into the tender cake as it bakes. It gets its name from the Czech word for “bubble,” referring to the way the batter rises up and gently envelops the fruit. A dusting of confectioners’ sugar is the final touch to this delicately understated and always delectable Bublanina.

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Excellent recipes require wonderful ingredients. Here’s how our recipe’s ingredients contribute to making the very best Bublanina.

Unbleached Cake Flour: Because cake flour is made of soft wheat, it makes a more tender and moist cake. Unbleached Cake Flour: With a protein content of 5%-8%, it provides the ideal amount, making our Bublanina…

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