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I’ve accepted the fact It is possible that I will never catch a giant Trevally. I’d love to, of course, but I’m a realist. It’s unlikely that some tackle company or lodge will offer me an all-expenses-paid trip to Vanuatu, and when you write about fish for a living, you can barely afford a reel that would stand up to a G.T., let alone the flights, lodging and charter fees to hunt them off some remote atoll for a week.

I’m not exactly heartbroken; if I really need a fix, I’ll just go after American giant trevallies. Never heard of these? Yes, you have. They’re called jack crevalle, and while a lot of people would sacrifice a limb to fly thousands of miles for giant trevallies, they’ll snub their noses at their underrated cousins right here in the lower 48.

It’s never boring to watch a jackcrevalle destroy an underwater plug.

Pat Ford

Categorizing the fish Underrated is fraught with issues because it’s completely subjective. In the case of jacks, I’d posit that their reputation as poor table fare plays the biggest role in the general lack of interest in catching them. In contrast, I think walleyes are overrated. Despite everyone loving them when they’re slathered in hot sauce,…

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