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What have I read in the last two pages?
Problems with your rear disc
Brake swap. I have 1997
Grand Cherokee and brakes
Look the same. Why is Liberty called Liberty?
What could you use better?

The XJ looks very similar.
but it isn’t the same:
a. The GC pads (XJ) are much more durable.
b. The rotors are 0.040˝ thinner
It is more prone to warp. There are two ways to do this.
No anti-friction replacement is available
Wear clip made of stainless steel.
Pads that dig into brackets
You can choose thicker rotors if you prefer.
bolt on the Liberty calipers, but I’d use
Original ZJ pads (narrow) to avoid damaging the ZJ pads
affect proportioning. I am not a Jeep
Expert, I only know this from
Researching the article

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