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Baby Decapitation lawsuit filed against Atlanta Hospital


Jessica Ross, Treveon Taylor Jr. and their family rushed to Southern Regional Medical Center at Riverdale in order to deliver their baby on July 9th 2023. However, Treveon Isiah Taylor Jr.’s birth has ended with a lawsuit against the hospital for allegedly decapitating their baby during delivery.  

Jessica Ross’s doctors told her that she was ready to push when she had reached a full dilation. When the baby stopped falling, Dr. Tracey Saint Julian tried to deliver the child vaginally using different methods. This included applying traction on the head. Dr. St. Julian reportedly performed a Cesarean section. The baby’s body and legs were delivered via the Cesarean section, but the baby’s head was delivered vaginally.  

The hospital staff allegedly did not tell Ross or her family about their baby’s condition. The Ross family says that the hospital discouraged Ross and her parents from requesting a free, autopsy. Hospital staff encouraged the parents to cremate their son, according to reports. When Ross Taylor wanted to hold the baby, it was wrapped up in a blanket so that his head would be propped against his body.  

It wasn’t until the baby was delivered to the…

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