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Enjoyed the Dodge article that was recently published
Van racing in Japan. But I have a question:
I knew these vans had been accused
Many 15-passenger buses are ill-handled.
Church vans and other vehicles that have been flipped over
Many people were killed. How did they do it?
How do you handle them?

The Shivvy and Phord full-frame models are available in both full-frame and half-frame versions.
vans handled a lot worse—the Uniframe
construction kept the Dodge B-van’s center
Gravity is significantly lower than the
The cargo versions of the F and C vans. The cargo versions
The handling was excellent, with no bad outcomes.
handling habits. When you raise your hands, it is true that you are raising the hand.
Place 15 people off the ground to C/G.
They did feel a bit uncomfortable on the benches.
tippy. You’ll note that our Asian friends
Keep the interior clear of any high-placed items

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