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Avatr to disrupt the Recruitment Industry


Avatr addresses a compelling situation in the employment sector. The global employment market is worth USD$100 trillion and has 3.3 billion workers. It’s serviced by an industry worth USD$700 billion, which is growing. The expectations of workers are changing. They want more flexible work arrangements and greater opportunities for borderless employment. Employers also seek to have access to a larger pool of candidates in order address issues with skills mismatch.

The founders have extensive experience in the tech, WEB 3.0, AI, machine learning, and recruitment, among them Mahendra Kulahari, Avatr CEO & CTO who states:

“In engineering an appropriate solution, Avatr has designed a business method that is innovative, exciting, and disruptive. The business solution, which is patent-pending, showcases a P2P (person to person) model that allows employers and candidates to interact directly in an environment incentivizes, rewards, and recognizes the users of this system and not the traditional intermediaries. The rewards system is driven by the creation of Avatrs which are made up of fractionalized NFTs, which has enabled Avatr to Tokenize Talent”.

An Avatr is a digital representation of the creator’s performance….

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