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Aunt Cheryl’s Home EC Muffins


Some recipes, while simple and comforting, are not changed. You keep them in your wallet, so you can use them whenever you need comfort and simplicity. This is one such recipe.

“My Aunt Cheryl has been baking these muffins for literally decades now,” Brian Hart Hoffman says, “and I never knew about the recipe until just a few months ago when she called me up to chat and she happened to be making these muffins.”

“I first made these muffins at age 12 in my home economics class,” says Brian’s Aunt Cheryl Hoffman. “This recipe has always been my favorite easy muffin recipe. I bake them especially when craving a muffin at home.”

The handwritten recipe, titled simply “Muffins,” is recorded on a white, ruled index card that has slightly yellowed around the edges, with the occasional splatter here and there. There’s a star drawn to the right of the title, indicating it’s become Cheryl’s go-to muffin recipe over the years.

“My husband of 43 years, who doesn’t like many muffins, has always loved these. If they are made without jam, he prefers to eat them warm from the oven and with plenty of butter. If they’re made with jam, we both eat them as baked,” Cheryl explains. “Since there are only the two of…

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