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Athens To Rome Aboard Emerald Azzurra


Join us for a luxurious Mediterranean cruise on the Emerald Azzurra, which will take you from Athens to Rome by way of the Peloponnese via Sicily and Naples.

Mount Etna, in the distance transcends time. The volcano that’s marked the island of Sicily through the ages was the same sight for me as for Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, and other travelers (some of them invaders).

As in millennia past, the cerulean water washed a blue tint over Etna’s green slopes, until finally the 21st-century Sicilian shore came into focus. On that bright Mediterranean morning as I cruised the Emerald Azzurra, the legend peak was breathtaking. On the previous evening we left the west coast Greece to travel across the Ionian Sea. It felt like true travel to cross a broad passage by ship and to use Italy’s tallest peak for my own wayfinding.

My journey was a far cry from the ancient explorations. The only difference was that I had modern luxury. Not that I’m afraid of roughing it, but after a few years away from cruising, the words “Mediterranean yacht cruise” felt irresistible. This is especially true for a route from Athens via Peloponnese and Sicily to Rome. These words are what I use to describe pure travel pleasure.

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